Webinar Series


The Foundation recognizes the importance of legislative policies in shaping management decisions at broad scales and at the local level. To promote better understanding of policies influencing how forests in Maryland are managed, the Foundation hosts a free monthly webinar series to provide education and discussion on various aspects of forest and environmental policy. The Framing the Future webinars can be viewed live on the third Thursday of each month at 1 pm.

Thursday, August 17, 1-2 pm 2023 Accessibity of Forests and Nature
Speakers : Caleb Carlton Executive Director, Birdability Carleton Montgomery Executive Director, Pinelands Preservation Alliance

Thursday, July 20 2023, 1-2 pm Spotted Lanternfly: Updates and Current Status in Maryland
Speakers : Kenton Sumpter Entomologist, Maryland Department of Agriculture Emily Zobel Senior Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension

June 15, 1-2 pm 2023 Urban Forestry, Citizen Science, and Redlining: Patterns and Processes
Speakers : Dexter Locke, Research Social Scientist, USDA Forest Service, Norther Research Station

Thursday, May 18 2023, 1-2 pm The Mel Noland Fellowship Experience
Speakers : Damani Eubanks PhD Candidate, University of Maryland, Yazan Hasan Student, Story Teller, Activist, University of Maryland, Marilyn Yang Environmental Science & Philosophy Undergraduate, University of Maryland

April 20, 1-2 pm 2023 Impacts of Data Sources in Understanding Forest Dynamics
Speakers : Tonya Lister, Research Forester, USDA Forester, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Director, Spatial Analysis Laboratory University of Vermont

Thursday, March 16 2023, 1-2 pm Defining Forest Stewardship
Speakers : Ben Larson, Mid-Atlantic Forest Conservation Director, Ruffed Grouse Society, Daniel Rider, Forest Stewardship & Utilization Program Manager, DNR Forest Service, Bryan Seipp, Director of Forest Management, Ecotone LLC

February 16, 1-2 pm 2023 Environmental Priorities for the Moore Administration Perspectives from the Transition Team
Speakers : Kim Coble Executive Director, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Hannah Polikov Managing Director, Advance Energy United, Sacoby Wilson Professor, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health

January 19 2023, 1-2 pm Forest Preservation as a Priority in the Forest Conservation Act
Speakers : Harry Huntley Senior Agriculture Policy Analyst, Environmental Policy Information Center, Erik Fisher Maryland Assistant Director and Land Use Planner, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

December 15, 2022 Urban Wood Utitlization-
-Speakers : Ben Crenshaw CEO, Cambium Carbon, Shaun Preston Recycling Coordinator, Baltimore City Foundation

November 17 2022, 10-11 am Hughes Center Analysis of Maryland's Tree Canopy Cover Recording
Speakers : Aditi Dubey Research Associate, Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology, Kathryne L. Everts Director, Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology, Susan Minnemeyer Vice President of Climate Change Strategy, Chesapeake Conservancy

October 20, 2022 Strengthening The Role of Women in Forestry
Speakers : Cheryle Francheschl Producer/Director/Writer, Por Eco Productions Anne Halraton-Strang Acting State Forester, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service Lydla Martin Ecological Design Consultant, Hidden Valley & Let's Go Outdoors

September 15 2022 The Role of Biomass in Maryland's Clean Energy
Speakers : Maura Ross Wood Energy Coordinator, Maryland Clean Energy Center Joe Hinston Forestry Consultant Daniel Rider Forest Stewardship & Utilization Program Manager, DNR Forest Service

August 18, 2022 The Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis FIA Study
Speakers : Tonya Lister research forester USDA Forest Service, Mark Majewsky Supervisor Forester USDA Forest Service, Nancy Falxa Sonti research ecologist USDA Forest Sevice

July 21 2022 Deer Management In Maryland
Speakers : Luke Macaulay Wildlife Management Specialist, University of Maryland Extension, George Timko Deev Project Co-Leader, Maryland DNR Wildlife and Heritage Service

August 18, 2022 Forest Financing Innovations
Policy Incentives, Programs, & Challange

Speakers : Jason Y Lee, Director, Quantified Ventures & Michael Roberts, Deputy Director, Water Quality Financing Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment

May 19 2022 Forest Management for Climate & Carbon
Speakers : Elliott Campbell, Acting Director, Office of Science & Stewardship, Maryland DNR & Erin Gleeson, Director, Central Appalachians, Family Forest Carbon Program, American Forest Foundation

Mar 17, 2022 Urban Planning & Zoning
Implications for Tree Cover on a Metropolitan Scale

| Recording
Speakers : Michael Knapp Urban Forester Senior Permitting Specialist, Montgomery County DPS & Vincent Verweij Urban Forest Manager, Arlington VA, MWCOG Tree Committee

April 21 2022

Speakers : Reid Cook Director of Design, East Resource Environmental Solution (RES) & Rod Simmons Natural Resource Manager/Plant Ecologist City of Ecologist

Framing the Future_22.02

Feb 17, 2022 Regulating Non-Native Invasive Plant Species
Speakers : Eric Luedtke Majority Leader, Maryland House of Delegates & Jil Swearingen Invasive Species Specialist, In the Weeds Consulting

Jan 20, 2022 Policy Past and Present: Impacts on the Current Environment
Speakers : Dexter Locke, USDA Forest Service & Sacoby Wilson, UMD

Dec 16, 2021 The New State Five Million Tree Goal: Implications for Urban Communities
Speakers : Kim Coble Executive Director, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Hannah Polikov Managing Director, Advance Energy United, Sacoby Wilson Professor, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health