• Forest Stewardship

    Increase public awareness of environmental concerns, good sustainable forestry practices and the many benefits of tree cover in rural, urban and suburban Chesapeake Bay areas.

  • Forest Expansion

    Encourage, identify and implement tree planting opportunities on private property, working with landowners to maximize their property's benefits to the environment such as nutrient reduction and air and water quality.

  • Natural Resources Careers

    Create and maintain a steady pipeline into Natural Resources fields in Maryland through college Fellowships and hands-on career camps for high school students.

  • Urban Forestry

    Promote and implement programs that address the green infrastructure and quality-of-life issues within our cities and municipalities.

  • Forestry Boards

    Strengthen the effectiveness and outreach potential of our 24 local Forestry Boards through targeted training programs and by acting as a fiduciary agent and fundraising manager for specific Forestry Board programs.